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Your Path to the Boardroom with Coco Brown

When you think about your career path, does it take you to the boardroom? Getting a board position is a great way to gain visibility, credibility, and experience. However, it can be difficult to understand the landscape and know where you fit. Coco Brown joins Kevin to discuss the ins and outs of boards. There are several types of boards, and it is up to you to understand the culture and the roles and responsibilities of board members.

Key Points
  • Coco Brown shares some myths about being on a board of directors. 
  • She discusses the benefits of a board position and how to prepare. 
  • She advises on preparing your network as a means to a board seat.
Meet Coco
  • Name: Coco Brown
  • Her Story: Coco Brown is the founder, CEO, and board member of The Athena Alliance, a game-changing executive firm helping to position the top 10% of executive women for advancement and board opportunities while also transforming the boardroom towards a modern composition model. Since founding Athena in the Spring of 2016, she has led the organization to a network of over 1000 C-Level women, VCs, and CEOs from over 150 companies including Accenture, Cisco, Microsoft, Intuit, Autodesk, and Alphabet / Google. She was asked to become an Insights Council member with the prestigious Nasdaq Center for Board Excellence in 2022.
  • Worth Mentioning: Coco’s background includes serving on 10 for-profit and nonprofit boards/advisory boards and her executive experience includes founding and building two companies and serving as the President and COO of a leading tech company. In addition to guiding and supporting executive leaders and boards, she is a sought-after speaker and writer and is frequently interviewed by business and industry publications. She has been quoted and featured in Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune, InformationWeek, NACD Directorship,, Silicon Valley Business Journal, The Cube, The Street, and WSJ.
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