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Deborah A.Hill: Founder of the Bridge of Hope Kitchen

Pastor Deborah Hill of New Hope of Glory Ministries has dedicated her life to focusing on childhood hunger. Back in 2019, Hill broke ground on the Bridge of Hope Kitchen (BOHK), Hill and her five siblings were raised in a single-parent household. She remembers all too well the struggles and sacrifices her mother made to feed her family. She recalled a common theme at the dinner table where her mother would make sure everyone ate before herself. “Are you going to eat,” she remembers asking her mother. “I’ll be okay,” her mother answered gently. Regardless of the challenges she may have faced, Hill’s mother always embraced those around her with love that would radiate through her eyes. Let;s find out how Deborah's beloved Mom Daisy inspired her life.

If you are interested in learning more about the Bridge of Hope Kitchen project and how you can help, please contact us.1178 62nd Ave South St Petersburg, FL 33705 Phone: (727) 768-3289 @HOPEKITCHENPROJECT

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