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Improved Java Performance Sans Code Changes with Simon Ritter

What are the reasons why we need to improve performance? The JVM is a powerful piece of software – this is the reason why Java has maintained its popularity over the past 26+ years. But… there are some ways that the JVM works that can impact the performance of your applications.

One of the biggest challenges is latency – how quickly can we respond to a request from a user to access your application. That comes down to garbage collection – which leads to pauses and a bad customer experience. Garbage collection pauses can vary. But they impact application performance. The bigger the heap, the longer your pauses…but how do you optimize? What about warm-up time? That’s also a big challenge. We’ve addressed these problems without re-writing code from scratch – and that leads to better Java performance without any code changes.

This episode explores how you can use a performance JVM to make applications start fast, go fast, and stay fast.

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