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Chaplain Willie Springer, MAPT - Veteran Outreach Coordinator

Chaplain Springer needs no introduction, he has returned to Challenges of Faith to provide update on how God has been using him since his last visit here.
Chaplain Willie Springer heads the new Veterans Outreach Office in Berea Ohio. He is an Army combat veteran of Vietnam and has a master's degree in theology. Ashland Theological Seminary also named Willie Springer, Ohio's American Legion Chaplain of the Year.

In Chaplain Springer's own words

I offer an open, sensitive, and non-judgmental presence. I am accepting of all different beliefs, cultures and values of all people. It is my goal to support every Veteran and their Families with as much compassion and care as possible. In this role, I will provide a supportive presence, listening, and appropriate interventions. The Veterans Outreach office will assist vets through educational outreach, support groups, emotional and spiritual assistance and community based programs. As a veteran myself, I understand and recognize the need for a safe, nurturing and community oriented approach for Veterans and Families.

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 2023-03-23  34m