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Maranda Forney: Grammy Consideration, Singer and Gospel Songwriter..


My name is M A R A N D A and I am a Christian Singer/Songwriter.  I love God, my family and music.  I am married to my husband Michael of 31 years and we have 8 children (Charm - 32, Tatianna - 30, Michael - 28, Timothy, 26, Benjamin - 21, Joseph - 19, Amirah - 18 and Johanna - 17).  

I have written countless songs, released  (5) albums, (3) singles  and (12) music videos.   Recently I had the privilege  to record in Nashville at the historic Ocean Way Nashville studios in Studio A with the Nashville String Machine and David Wise Choir.

I have a Masters with Honors in Information Systems Management and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.  I own a Cyber Security Professional Services company and I have traveled domestically and internationally as a result.

I am very analytical and methodical in nature.  Yet I am personable and humble.  There is a lot to know about me so take a look and drop a line...I would love to hear from you! Available on all digital platforms including but not limited to:

How to purchase my music⁠APPLE MUSIC, ITUNES, AMAZON MUSIC, ⁠SPOTIFY⁠, ⁠PANDORA⁠, ⁠DEEZER⁠, etc.

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 2023-03-27  53m