Zwei Nasen tanken Metal

Zwei Typen und zusammen über 50 Jahre harte Musik und skurrile Erlebnisse. Wir wollen ohne Schubladendenken über unsere große Leidenschaft sprechen ohne die bei uns kein Tag vergeht! Harte Musik! Dazu weiche Kekse, starker Kaffee und kaltes Pils! Mehr braucht es nicht um stundenlang zu diskutieren! Hier von uns für Euch! Viel Spaß!


episode 10: #10 In Flames Interview Special with Peter Iwers

Hej hej!!!

Here we are again: the triple bacon cheese of all metal podcasts is back!

Don't panic but this time we have to switch to english. But for a good reason.

We had the great pleasure to talk to Peter Iwers, former bass player of legendary swedish melodic death metal band In Flames!

We met Peter in the famous burger and beer spot 2112 in his hometown Gothenburg Sweden and had a decent chat about his career in music and his switch of becoming a restaurant and brewery owner in his hometown.

Thanks for having us Peter!!!

Open up a can of beer and enjoy this special episode!

The brewery:

The restaurant:


Legendary In Flames show in Wacken 2009:

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 October 1, 2021  41m