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The Business Side of Music is an interview show designed to help independent artists and songwriters better understand and navigate the music industry. 45-year industry veteran, Bob Bender talks to successful guests from every corner of the industry about their careers to discover the things they did right as well as the lessons they learned from any mistakes they made.


Super Serve Your Fans

Whether you're a new artist, or an established act, your fan base is one of your most important assets to have. But what does it take to not only gain fans, but retain them, and have them become devoted followers? You have to "Super Serve" them.

Meet August Pog Mota who is the Director of Fan Loyalty for 10th Street Entertainment. His job is to create, nurture, and grow the relationship between Artists and their fans through Loyalty Programs. Whether you’re a novice Artist in need of enticing new fans, or a successful Artist capable of having a paid-subscription Fan Club, August works to employ campaigns and strategies that will not only make your fans appreciate and love your art even more, but also cause them to spend more money on your brand. 1,000 diehard fans who spend $100 on you a year is more important than 100,000 casual fans who occasionally stream your music for free.

With offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville, 10th Street Entertainment is one of the leading entertainment management and marketing companies globally, adept at developing and executing creative ideas in an ever-changing media landscape. The company employs a dedicated team that creates robust, forward-thinking marketing campaigns driven by innovative content based on audience research and digital trends. With offices in Los Angeles, New York, and London, 10th Street is consistently recognized as a leader in the industry across multiple genres.

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