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episode 12: Podcast 87 - One day one demo-end of the year 2019

La team AmigaVibes présente un mix des demos dans le 1D 1D (One Day One Demo) de fin d'années 2019, rubrique hebdomadaire de (re-)découverte de démos de Tarzin sur l'actualité Amiga (AmigaPower).

AmigaVibes team presents a mix of demos in the 1D 1D (One Day One Demo) at the end of 2019, weekly section of (re-)discovery of demos by Tarzin on Amiga news (AmigaPower).

Ici la tracklist de ce podcast / Here is the tracklist of this podcast :

Jingle by JGG - AmigaVibes (0'26) 666 The Intro - The Number of The Beast (1995) from Scoopex (4'42) Pusherman (1998) from Tulou (4'03) Out of Spice (1997) from Kinky (5'11) Subtle Shades 2 (2001) from Nuance (7'56) Sustain (1996) from Session (3'58) Dage Pown (1998) from Da Jormas (3'04) Valhalla (1999) from Loonies (9'01) Real (AGA) from Complex (8'32)

Durée : 46'31

AmigaVibes team (JeFfR3y & Jegougou) - Tarzin & Amiga Rulez

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 June 3, 2020  46m