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Higher education was never so easy, It's not about getting high, its about living better Cannabis School is a chilled out, entertaining and educational show, promoting responsible conversations about personal consumption. Removing the fears, stigmas and questions around cannabis, Led by your hosts Brandon Elder and Jesse Angeles. For Questions or to submit feedback please email: A Flow Media Production Support this podcast:


Sour Patch Kids

With a strain name that sounds like simple candy, you my friend would be mistaken. Need a lift in spirit or just want the stress of you day to just F off!? SPK is the strain for you. Slightly sour and sweet on your first pull as you partake of this morning, noon and even night.This strain isn't sour before it's sweet. It's just sweet all around. Is Sour Patch Kids your Jam? Help the show hit its goal of 420 Supporters! For Questions or to submit feedback please email A Flow Media Production  Canabis , Cannabis , THCV , Cannavist , cannabinoid , cannabiz , Sativa , Extracts , THC , CBD , MMJ , cannabid, cannabuild , cannabidiol, cannabiz , Canna , extracto , khush , kush , carts , pax8 , botanicals , alternative health , alternative medicine , marijuana , hemp , plant medicine , Skywalker , OG , CBG , CBN , HHC , Extracts , Concentrates , Dabs , Shatter , Wax , pain relief , Anxiety relief , Cancer , Resin , Rosin , Endometriosis , Crohn’s , auto immune disease , PTSD , Inflammation , Arthritis , Pancakes , Where Cannabis is Legal , Where Cannabis Originated From , Where Cannabis is Legal US , Where Cannabis oil , Where CBD is legal , Where CBD oil legal , What Cannabis Product is best for pain , what cannabis mean , what cannabis product is good for anxiety , what cannabis is best for adhd , what cannabis plant produces seeds , will cannabis become federally legal , who cannabis recommendations , who cannabis report , who cannabis. legalization , who cannabis classification , who cannabis review , who cannabis medical , who cannabis addiction , which cannabis strains are good for , what cannabis strains are good for , which cannabis is best for nausea , why cannabis should be legalized , why cannabis should be legalized in the UK , why cannabis should not be legalized , why cannabis illegal , why cannabis should stay illegal , why cannabis is legal , can cannabis cause dementia , can cannabis cause aggression , can cannabis withdrawal cause psychosis , can cannabis make you angry , can cannabis help with nerve pain , when cannabis became illegal , when cannabis legal Canada , how cannabis affects relationships , how cannabis look like , how cannabis affects our cognition and psychology , how cannabis is made ,  how to make edibles , how to use marijuana , how do you smoke marijuana , how to smoke cannabis , how do I use cannabis ,  Psalm Trees, James Berkeley - Ah Yeah --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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 2023-04-18  17m