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Cloud-Oriented Programming (Part 1) with Elad Ben-Israel

The cloud has become an all-encompassing platform for running diverse applications and enabling individuals and teams to add value by utilizing services and infrastructure that streamline the process of software building and operation. Nonetheless, the cloud has presented new hurdles for developers as it is intricate, and application development demands comprehension of cloud service intricacies. Moreover, creating portable applications across different cloud providers, as well as local testing and debugging, have proven to be difficult. Additionally, leaky abstractions and inadequate tooling have made it challenging to repurpose cloud architectures into reusable components.

To address these challenges, a cloud-centric programming language called Wing has been introduced. Wing enables developers to create distributed systems that fully capitalize on the cloud’s capabilities without the need to concern themselves with the underlying infrastructure.

Jeff is a DevSecOps engineer with strong experience in Security, The Software Development Life Cycle and Cloud Technologies. His advanced expertise in HashiCorp technologies places him as one of the most sought after trainers in the EMEA region and beyond. Jeff has worked for a range of different companies – from small startups to some of the biggest financial institutions. He now successfully runs his own consultancy that provides services in DevSecOps, Cloud and Security. Check it out on hemmen.LU and follow Jeff on LinkedIn @jeffhemmen 

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