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Chef and PowerShell DSC: Bringing Your Machine to Its Desired State | ChefConf 2016

Are you building Chef cookbooks for Windows Server? Wondering where Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) fits? Steven Murawski, Chef's Principal Engineer of Community Engineering and Microsoft MVP in Cloud and Datacenter Management, discusses real-world configuration management experiences, practices, and tools. He explains how using Chef and DSC together lets you streamline the change management process and successfully deploy code and infrastructure on-demand and in-compliance.

Find a topic:

  • [01:44] What is Desired State Configuration (DSC)?
  • [04:27] Managing the deployment process
  • [06:59] Chef Configuration Management tool
  • [10:29] Impact of the Chef ecosystem on DSC
  • [15:23] Using Chef to automate Microsoft environments
  • [18:15] Getting started with configuration management
  • [22:37] Dev resources

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 2016-08-20  23m