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episode 19: The Seed Sistas | Herbalism & Folk Wisdom: Poisons, Power Plant Medicine, Magic and Ritual

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Fiona Heckles and Kazz Goodweather are better known in the UK as the Seed Sistas, and this dynamic duo has been energetically encouraging initiation in the herbal arts for over 20 years. Tune in to learn about expressing instead of repressing, valerian potions, make-your-own folk mythos, the character of rose, brambles and hedgerows, earth magic, and the vibe of creativity. 


In the 2nd hour, we go in-depth on their latest book, Poison Prescriptions, exploring the history of poisons & poisoners, anesthetics and the mystery of consciousness, datura, henbane, and crossing the river Styx, the beer purity laws forbidding herbal brews, raving with Belladonna and Dionysus, Mugwort, the witches flying ointment, and malevolent magics.


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