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episode 4490: Zanias - Burial

Zanias - "Burial" from the 2023 album Chrysalis on Fleisch Records.

Chrysalis, the third album from Zanias (aka Alison Lewis), finds the ethereal darkwave artist undergoing a metamorphosis. The songs on this release were written and recorded between her current home of Berlin and her original home of Australia during a period of self-protection, as Lewis processed feelings of burnout, trauma, and, on today's Song of the Day, grief. 

"That one is about burying someone you love," she revealed to Loverboy Magazine. "The period right after, when you have to build a new world without that person in it. I had flown back to Australia to be there when someone I loved died and people were angry at me for cancelling tour dates, even though I had told them a family member was ill. I wanted privacy but because of that they were questioning if I was lying. I couldn’t believe the insensitivity, and it was just really hard to feel like I had disappointed everyone over something that was already so heartbreaking and scary. So yes, ‘Burial’ is a heavy one. It’s also the first song I wrote after I decided to quit music, hence 'I can’t seem to do this anymore' and 'I’m not even sorry I disappeared.' I thought I was finished."

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