Sisters Who Scene It

Two sisters from Jersey tackle movies from their childhood with fresh eyes. One is in her 20's, and loves nerdy, sci-fi, horror, and family movies, while the other is in her 30's, and loves rom-coms, dramas, and indie movies. Tune in to listen to Katie and Bridget as they reminisce, theorize, and laugh through all the different movie genres!


episode 146: Nostalgic Movie Survivor

Katie and Bridget wear their buffs on an island as they play a game of Nostalgic Movie Survivor! 18 nostalgic movie characters (all ones from movies we've reviewed!) are placed on an island and set out to compete to become the ultimate Survivor! Alliances are formed, challenges are faced, with lots of twists and turns along the way. We can guarantee you that you'll NEVER be able to guess who ends up being the final winner - mainly because neither of us saw it coming either! Based on the hit reality series Survivor, enjoy our journey of figuring out who would Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast!

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 2023-05-17  1h29m