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Cloud-native WebAssembly with Matt Butcher

When Web Assembly was created it was supposed to be a compile target, where you could compile your favorite programming language and then execute it inside of a web browser. This made it possible for developers to choose a programming language like C++ for compute intensive applications. Fermyon is taking Web Assembly to the cloud. With Fermyon Cloud deploying and managing cloud-native WebAssembly applications becomes a breeze. Matt Butcher is the CEO at Fermyon Technologies and he joins us today.

Jordi Mon Companys is a product manager and marketer that specializes in software delivery, developer experience, cloud native and open source. He has developed his career at companies like GitLab, Weaveworks, Harness and other platform and devtool providers. His interests range from software supply chain security to open source innovation. You can reach out to him on Twitter at @jordimonpmm

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