The Way of the Crab

A podcast where two Rustaceans set out to make a game. In each episode, we talk about what we've been working on using the Rust programming language as well as other topics that have been on our mind or our listeners have asked about.


Episode 2: select * from crabs

Ecton and ToggleBit meet for the second episode of The Way of the Crab.

The main discussion topics are:

  • What have we been working on?
  • Learning Rust for new programmers
  • What makes Rust so alluring to us?
  • What are we hoping to get out of future Rust releases?

Here are links to various topics mentioned throughout the episode. The list is organized by when it is first mentioned.

  • BonsaiDb
  • Crabtrics (metrics for Way of the Crab)
  • Text-based user interface (TUI)
  • Anathema (ToggleBit's text-user interface project)
  • Zero Cost Abstraction
  • Factory Pattern
  • Leptos
  • ModProg
  • REALbasic/Xojo
  • Electron
  • Tauri
  • Dioxus
  • Gooey
  • Raph Levien
  • Druid
  • Xilum
  • QUIC
  • WebSockets
  • The Rust Programming Language (aka "The Book")
  • Rust Analyzer
  • Tantivy
  • Dogfooding
  • CORECURSIVE #088: Interview with Yann Collet, the creator of LZ4 and ZStandard
  • gccrs/rustc_codegen_gcc
  • no_std
  • Vec::drain_filter
  • Stabilizing Async Traits

We welcome your feedback and questions and have set up these ways of reaching us:

  • Email us at
  • Join our Discord community.
  • Post on our GitHub Discussions

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