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episode 36: 2022 Recap: Best Moments From Conversations this Year - MBM#36

As 2022 wraps up, I wanted to bring some of the most insightful moments from conversations over the past year: 12 clips from 12 conversations. 

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00:00 Introduction 
02:32 Steve Coast: The Next Thing that would Blow Up Openstreetmap 
06:39 Barbara Ryan: How Landsat Became Free & Open 
17:52 Jeffrey Lewis: Calling Out the Invasion of Ukraine an hour before it happened 
23:47 Arjen Vrielink: Using Remote Sensing to Prevent Deforestation 
32:07 Indra Den Bakker: Finding Product Market Fit with Satellite Image Analytics 
37:49 Jeff Crusey: How Venture Capitalism Works (Applied to Earth Observation) 
44:01 Mo Islam: Why Investors Don't Quite Understand Earth Observation Just Yet 
50:46 Kevin Pomfret: Why Law Makers Don't Understand Geospatial 
54:50 Andrew Blum: Concerns About the Privatisation of Weather Forecasting 
58:32 Hamed Alemohammad: Difference Between Google Earth Engine, Microsoft Planetary Computer & AWS 
01:03:47 Catherine Nakalembe: Food Security is More than Food in Stores 
01:10:00 Jean Martin Bauer: We Need More than Knowing Where Food is Needed 
01:15:10: Conclusion

Links to full conversations: 
- Steve Coast
- Barbara Ryan
- Jeffrey Lewis
- Arjen Vrielink
- Indra Den Bakker
- Jeff Crusey
- Mo Islam
- Kevin Pomfret
- Andrew Blum
- Hamed Alemohammad
- Catherine Nakalembe
- Jean-Martin Bauer

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