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Discussing the issues that face podcast producers and podcasting. Each Roundtable features a new podcaster from the community of viewers listeners. We talk less about the 'how-to' and more about the 'why.' You'll learn how to improve your podcast through the shared experience of other podcasters.



PR077: Podcast Workflows

What's your workflow for planning, recording and publishing a podcast? Is it fast? Does it hinder you from getting your podcast published regularly? Join Ray Ortega, Daniel J. Lewis, Dave Jackson, Prescott Perez-Fox to discuss podcast workflows and ways that you might be able to improve yours. You can subscribe to the RSS mailing list (http://eepurl.com/GnBwr) to get new Rounds delivered to your inbox automatically. Sign up to appear on a future Podcasters' Roundtable! Thanks and I can't wait to see you on a future Roundtable! Links mentioned: Quick-Subscribe Banner Simple Content Templates Subscribe to Podcasters' Roundtable

fyyd: Podcast Search Engine

 2016-09-12  1h13m
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