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The Age Old Question is an insightful and hilarious podcast for the music fan who has ever debated music's unanswerables. Each episode tackles another debate in music fandom ("Is D Minor the saddest of all keys?" "Why do people hate the Eagles?"...). Rich Price and Clint Bierman host and call on friends and experts to help settle them once and for all. Part of Pantheon Podcasts.


episode 65: What Songs Do You Want Played On Your Deathbed?

This week, Rich and Clint discuss songs to be played during the final moments (deathbed) or at your funeral. When you've reached the end of the road - hopefully, many years from now - are there specific songs that you'd like played to send you into the next phase or during your "end credits?" The guys recorded this episode backstage at The Double E, before a performance with Peter Day and Josh Panda who both join to share their picks.

•. Intro

• Clint's first pick (Tom Petty)

• Rich's first pick (Van Morrison)

• Clint's second pick (Chuck Manchione)

• Rich's second pick (David Gray)

• Let's Go To The Comments

• Guest Peter Day

• Guest Josh P

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 May 30, 2023  38m