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episode 1833: Mirai’s new variant targets IoT devices. Volt Typhoon investigation continues. Hacktivism in Senegal. Lessons learned from Ukraine.

New Mirai malware uses low-complexity exploits to expand its botnet in IoT devices. The latest on Volt Typhoon. DDoS hits government sites in Senegal. The Pentagon's cyber strategy incorporates lessons from Russia's war, while the EU draws lessons from Ukraine's performance against Russia. Joe Carrigan explains Mandiant research on URL obfuscation. Mr. Security Answer Person John Pescatore plays security whack-a-mole. And NoName disrupts a British airport.

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Selected reading.

Old Wine in the New Bottle: Mirai Variant Targets Multiple IoT Devices (Unit 42)

US officials believe Chinese hackers may still have access to key US computer networks (CNN)

Chinese state-sponsored hackers infiltrated U.S. naval infrastructure, secretary of the Navy says (CNBC)

US military intelligence also targeted by Chinese hackers behind critical infrastructure compromise (SC Magazine)

Senegalese government websites hit with cyber attack (Reuters)

DOD Transmits 2023 Cyber Strategy (US Department of Defense)

Fact Sheet: 2023 DOD Cyber Strategy (US Department of Defense)

Lessons from the war in Ukraine for the future of EU defence (European Union External Action)

Investigation Launched After London City Airport Website Hacked (Simple Flying)

Maryland high school listed on Zillow for $42K in ‘creative’ senior prank (New York Post)

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 2023-05-30  24m