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Trump caught on tape, debt bill passes, Samantha’s back

Federal prosecutors have Donald Trump on tape acknowledging he held onto a classified Pentagon document after he left the White House. He also told people he couldn't share it with them. What does it mean for the investigation? Plus, the House overwhelmingly passes the debt limit deal in a move to avert a national and global economic crisis. And, “Sex in the City” fans rejoice. Samantha is back for the reboot – what know about her quick cameo in “And Just Like That”.

Also this morning: two GOP big-hitters are to announce their 2024 presidential bids next week, author T.J. Newman on persevering after 41 first book rejections, NASA holds a historic UFO hearing, Amazon is to pay more than $30M to settle FTC privacy complaints, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon denies meeting or talking to his bank’s client Jeffrey Epstein, “A day without immigrants” protests happen across the US, and do age differences play a role in relationships?

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 2023-06-01  2h5m