The Way of the Crab

A podcast where two Rustaceans set out to make a game. In each episode, we talk about what we've been working on using the Rust programming language as well as other topics that have been on our mind or our listeners have asked about.


Episode 5: Putting Lipstick on a Pig

Ecton and ToggleBit meet for the fifth episode of The Way of the Crab. They discuss everything except their game project.

  • 00:25: What has Ecton been working on?
    • OnceLock/OnceCellstabilized in Rust 1.70
    • Gooey
    • kempt (Ecton's library he released, but failed to name on the podcast)
    • PartialOrd<str> missing for String
  • 03:54: What has ToggleBit been working on?
    • Clippy
    • ChillFish8
  • 23:40: ModProg asks, "how much time did you waste due to me using your libraries?"
    • leptos
    • Rsn
    • Ron
  • 26:40: Opinions on updating minimum Rust versions on projects?
  • 29:57: What do you do when you're stuck on a problem?
  • 38:10: Looking into the standard library for fun
  • 41:20: What are some of our personal rules for programming?
  • 50:36: Our highlights from Rust 1.70 release notes
  • 54:30: ToggleBit helps a friend try Rust
    • cargo watch
  • 58:03: sbutcher1969 asks, "When you were first learning Rust, what was the hardest part for you, what did you struggle with the most? And why?"

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