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The Angry Demon 6/3/23 12.48 PM

Story and Art by: Gail Nobles ©️ 2023
Voices by: Gail Nobles

Based on true life, everyone fights a demon; sometimes more than one.

Aneeyah: Bombylias! Let me help you! Forgive me for hurting you. I’m on your side.

Bombylias: Leave me alone Aneeyah!

Aneeyah began to call Bombylias by his middle name.

Aneeyah: Marcus! You have a demon and he is many.

Bombylias could hear Aneeyah speaking to him in his mind. With the mind, he answered her back.

Bombylias: I have no demon! I am Bombylias!

Aneeyah could see Bombylias in her mind and appeared to him in a vision.

Aneeyah: You had love for me Marcus. I know your heart. I didn’t know it back then. You were a freshmen, and I was a senior in college. I was after the older guys. I never looked your way. I was also a gangster in college which is very uncommon. I moved up in the criminal world. Later, I spent time in prison. I have a demon too. We’re alike Marcus.

Bombylias: Stop calling me Marcus! I never loved you!

Aneeyah: You don’t remember or you’re lying. It was written in your photo book. I’ve seen the book. It was stolen and given to me. It was I that returned it.

Bombylias hid his face in the dark. The tip top of his wings began to change in color to purple & red. Aneeyah knew what it meant. She knew Bombylias still had love for her.

Bombylias: Stay away from me Aneeyah! I am no longer Marcus. Marcus has changed. You must not see my face again!

A tear rolled down from Aneeyah’s right eye. She said …

Aneeyah: It is my fault that you are filled with anger. It’s because of what I have done to you. Forgive me Marcus. But why did you attack my grandmother?

Bombylias: I know not your grandmother!

Bombylias had a poor memory. He would do things and forget them.

Aneeyah: You don’t remember attacking an old lady one day on Broad Street?
The Tip of Bombylias wings changed back to their original colors which were black & yellow. He began to remember. His Atenas began to move and his horn began to glow.

Bombylias: How was I to know that was your grandmother? I was desperate and poor. Leave me Aneeyah. You just come to bother me with the past. I am sick Aneeyah! Leave me alone!

Aneeyah vanished from Bombylias and he could no longer see her or hear her. He was left in the dark alone.

You’re listening to The Artful Podcast. Today’s episode: The Angry Demon. Story by Gail Nobles ©️ 2023.

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