Kids and Technology

If you have ever felt ill-equipped to support your teen in the age of technology this podcast is for you!


Episode – 23 Dealing with kids and all the things they sign up for!

Welcome to the show! I would like to introduce you to Stephanie Calahan. Stephanie is the Business Vision Catalyst. She works with busy, purpose-driven entrepreneurs to own their brilliance, leverage their business and get their message out with power, ease and joy; She loves her roles as dedicated wife, energetic and involved mom, community volunteer, speaker, mentor, producer and trainer. She lives with her husband, son and very rambunctious Havanese dog.

During this episode we talk about reasons to give your young children access to technology, and Stephanie shared with us the conversations that she and her husband had with their son to prepare him for that responsibility.

When her son grew older he began to sign up for all kinds of apps and websites, and wasn’t keeping track of usernames and passwords. This brought it’s own challenges and conversations that they now had to deal with. Listen in to hear some of the solutions that they have come up with that works for them.

Dealing with a very mature teenager brings it’s own challenges. They are trying to assert their independence, and as parents we still see them as our kids. How do you help your older children to make better choices when downloading apps and signing up for websites.

I learned something amazing from Stephanie! Her and her husband don’t have their credit card attached to their child’s Apple account. They use Apple iTunes gift cards instead. This is a great way to show their son how to manage the money that he has available and it has been a great gift that other people to give him as well!

How to start conversations with your kids about the apps they use and get to know why they are using them and how important they are to your child.

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 2016-09-13  38m