Hunting Vegans

Hunting Vegans, a thoughtful new podcast that examines our complex relationship with the environment.  Vegan yogi Niti Kala and wildlife scientist/lifelong hunter Nate Wehr ask the question: can you  teach a vegan to hunt?  The answer takes them on a journey beyond hunting, encompassing everything from ancient Hindu philosophy to modern piracy, from Namibian game reserves to the rivers of New York City and beyond.  Each week hear diverse perspectives on hunting, conservation, outdoor recreation, and what each of us can do to save the planet.


episode 13: Ep. 13 - Modeling Conservation in North America (conservation models / hunting / environmentalism / wildlife)

Nate gives an overview of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and how its principles affect environmental priorities in the United States and Canada. 

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Music: Mike Garrigan
Audio: Mike Sacchetta

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 June 6, 2023  1h4m