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episode 7: 007: Jake Wharton on Testing, SqlBrite, NotRxAndroid, RxJava and Much More

In the final part of this two-part segment, we continue our talk with Jake Wharton. We dive right into the topic of testing. Jake then talks about his approach to testing apps in Android and the different languages that he finds interesting. We then move on to RxJava, NotRxAndroid, SqlBrite and many other libraries and topics to round out this great second episode. Again, we'd love to thank Jake for joining us here on the Fragmented Podcast show; it has been an honor. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Show Notes

  • u2020 Demo App by Jake []
    • Real Intent Factory []
    • Fake Intent Factory []
    • Slides on Real/Fake Intent Factory [ - DroidCon Presentation]
Server side frameworks with Java
  • Jersey []
  • Jax-rs []
  • Go []
Other languages
  • Jake on using Kotlin for Android []
  • Kotlin (by JetBrains) []
  • Anko []
  • Kotlin Android Extensions []
  • Annotation processing for Groovy code []
Non-Square libraries that Jake uses
  • RxJava []
    • AutoParcel []
StickyListHeaders []
SQLBrite []
NotRxAndroid [] Awesome picks: Donn:
  • Android Testing is ten years behind
  • SquiDB is Yahoo’s new SQLite layer for Android:
  • Diversify Your Learning
    • Rust -
    • Internals of Git -
    • GZip Encoding -
    • Java 10 value objects -
  • 27” IPS LCD Monitors for Korean eBay vendors
  • New FIRST FSM-270YG 27" LED 2560x1440
  • The new DareDevil show on Netflix!
Contact Jake Wharton
  • @jakewharton []
Donn Felker
  • @donnfelker []
Kaushik Gopal
  • @kaushikgopal []


 2015-05-06  1h19m