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Each week join Josh Mitchell (@joshontheair) as he talks to small business owners, performers, industry folk and beyond about the trials and tribulations of life during COVID whilst also covering the return to raised curtains all over the world! We Are Theatre is about why we love the arts, what this industry means to us and why we believe the rest of the world needs our return as much as we do! Check out We Are Theatre on Instagram & Facebook to stay up to date!



episode 34: Kayleigh McKnight

Hey theatre fans one and all!

We head overseas for the first time this year! Back to the UK chatting with Kayleigh McKnight!

Kayleigh and I discuss things all things music, writing & performing!

To listen to Kayleigh's stuff you can listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5HTzeU6fX2Q7SibvmGz1c6?si=YwkV4F89TSWeif0Y5IYQow

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 February 11, 2023  33m