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Building Enterprise Applications with Robert Cooke

In this episode, we are talking to Robert Cooke, founder and CTO of 3forge. He has spent the last decade creating a full stack software platform that revolutionized enterprise real-time data management, visualization, and workflows through its inventive “high impact code” concept. With offices in New York, London, and Singapore, 3forge has been serving a global clientele including Tier 1 banks and large financial institutions. He talks about his life long passion for computing, the challenges of creating a complete high performance platform, and the scaling principles needed to exceed the requirements of the most demanding global firms.

Starting her career as a software developer, Jocelyn Houle is now a Senior Director of Product Management at, a unified data protection and governance platform. Before that, she was an Operating Partner at Capital One Ventures investing in data and AI startups. Jocelyn has been a founder of two startups and a full life cycle, technical product manager at large companies like Fannie Mae, Microsoft and Capital One.  Follow Jocelyn on LinkedIn  or Twitter @jocelynbyrne.

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