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episode 15: The Secret to Getting Anything you Want in Life - Interview with Dr. Mindy & Jennifer Cohen

This episode is all about mindset! Plus, my guest reveals the secret to getting anything you want in life.

Jennifer Cohen is a best-selling author, entrepreneur and performance coach with a specific focus on building healthy habits to drive positive behavioral change.  She was recently named "100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness" by Greatist and is currently ranked #16 "Most Impactful Fitness Entrepreneurs" by Web MD. 

In 2019, Jennifer took her passion and experience to develop and host one of the fastest rising, regularly ranked podcasts, “Habits & Hustle”  featured on, which brings together thought leaders and notable game changers into thought provoking conversations identifying effective techniques and ideas to help listeners level up their physical and mental capabilities.

In this podcast, we cover:

  • Why you have to ask for what you want
  • How failure will eventually lead to success
  • About Jennifer’s most significant asks
  • What happened when Jennifer asked a question to Keanu Reeves
  • How to stand in your own truth
  • Why we need to put ourselves first and practice discipline
  • The ways we can retrain our mindset

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Jennifer Cohen’s Website

Habits and Hustle

The Secret to Getting Anything You Want in Life

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 June 9, 2020  1h1m