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episode 7: [DD] Author/Agent Seth Fishman Answers Our Questions

S9 Ep7

Recorded live on Twitch!

Mur's agent Seth Fishman joins us to take your questions, and we fill up an hour FAST. Full transcript available!

Seth Fishman: ...the industry is right now, where editors are just, they just have, they're just too busy. There's just not enough people working in publishing. So it's harder for agents to do to sell books is really what we're saying. There's a number of times that were like, were you passing because of this, you don't want to put that like, work into it or whatever. But you know, what the people pass for all sorts of reasons, we get the books into pretty great shape, before we send them out. And I mean, we try to, and if an editor is passing, for those reasons, they're what they're really probably saying is more along the lines of developing of an author versus, like editing an author.

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June 21, 2023 | Season 9 Ep 7 | murverse.com
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