Mr. Throwback Thursday

Join award winning hosts Bill Winters and Jamie Robinson, as they take you back to a time where hip-hop meant something. A time where you were not ashamed to say, "I AM HIP-HOP!" We are here every week to talk classic hip-hop, you should be too!


491: Hip Hop Treasures

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone. This week we bring you Hip Hop Disney, Masta Ace goes Broadway, Teflon makes his return, we throw it back to the mixtape, and we get a visit from some friends at the UHHM. What else? ….Let’s listen.

* Hip Hop Goes Disney (again)

* Unclear Autopsy

* The Falling Season

* Hostile Takeover

* Throwback to the Mixtape

* Disney Got the Juice, Now

* Flash, One Time

* TBT Til Infinity

* Special Presentation

* Old to the New – Teflon ft. Benny the Butcher and DJ Premier “Hostile Takeover“

* Bill Reads Lyrics

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 2023-06-29  2h19m