The Age Old Question: A Podcast for Music Fans

The Age Old Question is an insightful and hilarious podcast for the music fan who has ever debated music's unanswerables. Each episode tackles another debate in music fandom ("Is D Minor the saddest of all keys?" "Why do people hate the Eagles?"...). Rich Price and Clint Bierman host and call on friends and experts to help settle them once and for all. Part of Pantheon Podcasts.


What Is The Best Sing Along Song of All-Time?

In this episode, Rich and Clint discuss the great sing-along songs. When there's an acoustic guitar, a campfire, and an appetite for a big sing-along...which songs are you choosing? The question came from Waldron of Their Very Best (podcast), and the guys discuss:

• Clint's "Rules For A Great Sing-Along"

• Country Roads, Take Me Home (John Denver)

• The Pleasing "Organized Sound" of the I-V-iv-IV chord progression

• Willie & Kenny

• Texts from Stephen Kellogg, Will Evans, voicemail from Josh Panda

• Special Guest Jeff Symonds

• Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond)

• Let's Go To The Comments

• Rich & Clint Are Boneheads

• Voicemails from Pete Nilsson (Best Workout and Best Wordless Chorus)

• Piano Man (Billy Joel)

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 July 6, 2023  59m