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Episode 24 – Technology and House Rules

Hi and welcome to another great episode! Today my guest is Dr. Thais! Dr. Thais Speaks is a Life Strategist and the Common Sensai. Dr. Thais has a podcast show called, “The Common Sense Say” where she talks about motivating yourself to be better, she educates on how to live better, inspires people to live freely and wraps most of her information in a humorous delivery. When your daily life causes cloudy static and confusion, The Common Sense Say Show with Dr. Thais’s helps you to move the clouds of confusion and get the answers you need to live a better life.

In today’s episode we are talking about kids and the rules around the technology. Dr. Thais shares with us some of the things that work best for her and her family. Her daughter is in her first year of high school, and her son is right behind her in middle school. We talk about the differences between her two children and how to make rules around technology based on each child’s maturity level and need rather than having a blanket rule that is applied to both kids.

Dr. Thais talks about finding out what your child’s “cheese” is. What is the thing that your child is willing to work for in order to get the things they want. For example with Dr Thais’ son. He loves to play video games, and he is very intelligent. He needs external motivation in order to keep up his grades, so in order for him to have those privileges he needs to have A’s on his report card. In Dr. Thais’ home both children take part in a weekly check-in with their grades. They are rewarded for their good grades both monetarily as well as given assess to their “cheese”.

This is just one way to help kids to understand the exchange of needs. What does mom and dad need from you in order for you to get what you want. You can use these ideas to build or tweek your own house rules!


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