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Engineering Insights with Christina Forney

As Companies scale and their codebase becomes large, it can become difficult to measure team effectiveness. With so many moving pieces, and an increased lack of visibility, Engineering Leaders mostly rely on gut feelings to guide decisions and determine impact.
Uplevel pulls meta-data from programs like Git, Slack, Jira and public calendar events and uses machine learning and organizational science to generate actionable insights. With Uplevel Engineering teams can increase velocity, decrease burnout and plan and execute more predictable releases.
Christina Forney is the VP of Product at Uplevel and she joins us in this episode.

Jordi Mon Companys is a product manager and marketer that specializes in software delivery, developer experience, cloud native and open source. He has developed his career at companies like GitLab, Weaveworks, Harness and other platform and devtool providers. His interests range from software supply chain security to open source innovation. You can reach out to him on Twitter at @jordimonpmm

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