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Fascinating interviews with people who work or play in the great outdoors. In this climate of depressing reports (Starving polar bears! Plastic in the oceans!) I want to turn from the tsunami of negative news and focus on what’s wonderful about our world. My aim is for you to fall in love with this gorgeous world of ours. I want you to notice the infinite storm of beauty that surrounds us. I want you to pause as you scurry out to your car and notice the bird song around you. I want you to step outside and step into wonder. I want you to fall in love with this outside life. If this sounds like you then these are your people and this is your tribe. Subscribe!!


episode 11: Scotland: Walking, whiskey & Outlander tours

If you want to get a personalized tour of the best places to go hiking, visit distilleries and visit a few Outlander (or Braveheart/Game of Thrones) locations, then Calum Macnee of Stills & Hills is your man!

For this podcast we travel to Inverness, Scotland to talk to a man in a kilt. (Who doesn’t love a kilt?!!) Calum Macnee owns and operates a walking and whiskey tour company in Scotland called, “Stills & Hills.” He takes enthusiasts out for scenic and beautiful hikes all across Scotland. He also knows a prodigious amount about Scotch whiskey. So with Calum as your guide, you’re sure to have a satisfying trip no matter which distilleries you visit.

I met up with him in Inverness and we talked inside a small tour bus while the others in our group took a sight-seeing side tour. We talked about his favorite and most scenic hikes, why sometimes a small distillery is a more satisfying visit than a large one, what countries prefer which type of Scotch whiskey, knitting, and textile mills, and just a lot of great stuff!

Visit the website ( for all the gorgeous pictures of Scotland, and the distilleries

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 September 28, 2021  46m