*COMING UP* 2/25/2024, OMAKASE 425, AARON PAAR @destroyer13 2/28/2024 Brighter Days, Longer Nights [Los Angeles] 3/3/2024, OMAKASE 426 3/8/2024, Behind The Headphones [interview & mix], 3/10/2024, OMAKASE 427 3/17/2024, OMAKASE 428 3/23/2024, Grill & Chill [Orange County] 3/24/2024, OMAKASE 429 3/31/2024, OMAKASE 430 5/6/2024, Dublab 5/11/2024, Sound By The Sea [Oceanside, CA] Gold Code aka Raf Zevallos-Crowe, is a DJ/producer based in Orange County, California. A lifelong music lover, collector, and DJ, Raf's eclectic sets run the gamut of dance music with a base in-house and techno. Growing up in 1980s Los Angeles, he was initially inspired by radio mix shows and DJs such as Doc Martin, Rob One, Michael "Mixxin" Moore, and 1580 KDAY Mixmasters. Moving to San Francisco in 1992, he immersed himself in its underground scene. Attending parties lead to working them and eventually to djing. He played his first warehouse in 1996 and spent the next 10 years djing and producing some of San Francisco’s most infamous parties and club nights. "Gold Code" was initially founded as a music blog in 2007...



OMAKASE, episode 363 Airdate: 12/11/2022 DJ: GOLD CODE

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 August 3, 2023  2h0m