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Cross-functional Incident Management with Ashley Sawatsky and Niall Murphy

Incident management is the process of managing and resolving unexpected disruptions or issues in software systems, especially those that are customer-facing or critical to business operations. Implementing a robust incident management system is often a key challenge in technical environments. Rootly is a platform to handle incident management directly from Slack, and is used by hundreds of leading companies including Canva, Grammarly, and Cisco.

Ashley Sawatsky leads Developer Relations at Rootly and previously led Shopify’s Incident Communications team. Niall Murphy is Co-founder and CEO at Stanza. He has written extensively about reliability engineering and is the co-author of the best-selling book, Site Reliability Engineering. Ashley and Niall join us in this episode to discuss how engineers and their non-technical counterparts can successfully approach incident management together.

Jeff is a DevSecOps engineer with  experience in security, the software development life cycle, and cloud technologies. His advanced expertise in HashiCorp technologies places him as one of the most sought after trainers in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions and beyond. Jeff has worked for a range of different companies – from small startups to some of the biggest financial institutions. He now successfully runs his own consultancy that provides services in DevSecOps, Cloud and Security. You can find Jeff at Sponsorship inquiries: Please click here to view this show’s transcript.

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