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Igor Bandura - Ukranian Pastor Shares What's Happening in the Ukrainian War to Christians

Igor Bandura - Ukrainian Pastor and Michael Johnson,vice president of the Ukrainian Baptist Union

Direct from the frontline in Ukraine, Pastor Igor Bandura, vice president of the Ukrainian Baptist Union is joined by Michael Johnson, president of Slavic Gospel Association (SGA,, serving alongside the local pastors risking their lives to deliver crucial humanitarian and spiritual aid on the frontline and he offers a firsthand update on what is happening in the besieged country and among the 100,000 members in the 2000 churches there.

Bandura represents a grassroots network of more than 2,000 churches across Ukraine -- local pastors and congregations helping their neighbors day after day as relentless missile attacks continue.

Ukrainian pastors have radically adjusted their ministries to meet the physical and spiritual needs of church members and countrymen since Russian forces invaded Ukraine almost a year ago.
Bandura reported that he and other pastors have relocated out of danger zones to the best of their ability in order to continue coordinating the work of the churches. They have sent wives and families to other places while they join the nation’s men and boys in holding forth. “We are trying to build international relations and unite all the people who are working to provide humanitarian aid,” he explained. The reality on the ground is that “millions of people left their homes and moved to the west of Ukraine,” he said. And more people are trying to cross the borders with Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, “and there are 20- to 30-kilometer lines of cars waiting to cross the border and find safety. It takes sometimes two or three days.”

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Don't forget to check out Dr. Jim Slaughter's Book - MASTER THE ANGER WITHIN:!/Jim-Slaughter/c/128630254

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 July 28, 2023  26m