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The Latest on RedwoodJS with Tom Preston-Werner

Tom Preston-Werner is a renowned software developer, inventor and entrepreneur. He co-founded GitHub and is the creator of the avatar service Gravatar, the TOML configuration file format, and the static site generator software Jekyll. Tom is currently working on the full-stack web framework, RedwoodJS. He joins us today to tell us the latest about RedwoodJS, including its new support for server-side rendering.
RedwoodJS conference

Paweł is the founder at flat.sociaI the world’s first ‘flatverse’ start-up. Pawel’s background is as a full-stack software engineer with a lean and experimental approach towards product development. With a strong grounding in computing science, he spent the last decade getting early-stage products off the ground – both in startup and corporate settings. Follow Paweł on Twitter, LinkedIn and his personal website –

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