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Episode 25 – Technology in Preschool

I would like to introduce you to Win Charles. She was born with Cerebral Palsy, and Win and defied the odds by becoming an author. Her memoir I, Win is an amazing story of how she remembers her life through the years of having a condition called “CP”. As a competitor in the Kona IronMan Triathlon, motivational speaker.Today Win is a blogger for Huffington Post, she tours the country speaking to schools and institutions to raise awareness about Cerebral Palsy and living a full life no matter what holds you back! Win is truly an inspiration to many!

Win has been teaching preschool drama for the past 12 years. Win says that the best part of working with the kids is that they are so perceptive and they ask non-judgemental questions.

Even though Win works with very young children she is still seeing technology in her classroom. When she discusses this with others, they ask her if she takes it away from them during class. She responds by saying that yes in the classroom there is no technology allowed, however when they go home, the children are given the technology at home by their parents to keep them busy.

Over the last 12 years, Win has seen a lot of changes with the children. Technology has made a huge difference with them. She feels that the children are becoming less and less able to sit still, and believes that it is the over usage of technology that causes it. She says they don’t know how to interact without the technology.

Kids are born innately born able to use this technology. Many of our young children as young as 1 are able to pick up a mobile device and navigate to what they want to see. When Win and I were kids there was only so much time that we spent watching TV, unlike today’s children who can now watch TV programs that are created just for them.

Win talks about how she has had to adjust the way she teaches the class over the years. Introducing more movement into the classroom. She breaks up the lessons into smaller pieces.

Win suspects that the use of mobile devices is causing vision problems with their eyesight. I did find an article called Children And Computer Vision Syndrome that supports her thoughts on this matter.

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