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Making React 70% faster with Aiden Bai of Million.js

React is an immensely popular JavaScript library that is used to build website user interfaces. A key feature of React is that it uses a virtual Document Object Model, or DOM, to selectively update the desired regions of the web page, which provides major performance advantages. Million.js is an open source project that provides an optimized virtual DOM. Remarkably, these optimizations make React up to 70% faster and the code weighs in at less than 4 kilobytes in size. Aiden Bai is the creator of Million.js and he joins us in this episode.

Mike Bifulco is CTO and co-founder of Craftwork. He’s also a developer advocate, writer, podcaster and serial startup founder. In past lives, Mike worked for Google, Stripe, Microsoft, and Gymnasium. Mike is also co-founder of APIs You Won’t Hate, a community for API Developers on the web. Mike’s publishes a weekly newsletter for product builders called Tiny Improvements at Mike is on Mastodon at

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