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Minimum Viable Security for Cloud Apps with David Melamed

Cloud applications continue to grow in popularity, but ensuring the security of these applications often presents a formidable engineering challenge. This challenge motivated the creation of Jit. Jit is a continuous security platform for developers, and seeks to enable every cloud app to start with minimum viable security, or MVS, without slowing development velocity. David Melamed is the Co-founder and CTO of Jit and he joins us in the episode to talk about his platform. Jeff is a DevSecOps engineer with  experience in security, the software development life cycle, and cloud technologies. His advanced expertise in HashiCorp technologies places him as one of the most sought after trainers in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions and beyond. Jeff has worked for a range of different companies – from small startups to some of the biggest financial institutions. He now successfully runs his own consultancy that provides services in DevSecOps, Cloud and Security. You can find Jeff at Sponsorship inquiries: Please click here to view this show’s transcript.

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 2023-09-12  44m