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Catching up with Technologist Charlie Gerard

Charlie Gerard is a highly accomplished software engineer and technologist. She’s worked at Stripe, Netlify, and Atlassian and authored the book, Practical Machine Learning in JavaScript. In her spare time, Charlie explores the field of human-computer interaction and builds interactive prototypes using hardware and machine learning. Some of her recent projects include building a DIY aircraft radar system, and creating a gesture-based computer interface using Bluetooth earbuds and machine learning. Charlie joins the podcast today to talk about her work and latest interests.

Mike Bifulco is CTO and co-founder of Craftwork. He’s also a developer advocate, writer, podcaster and serial startup founder. In past lives, Mike worked for Google, Stripe, Microsoft, and Gymnasium. Mike is also co-founder of APIs You Won’t Hate, a community for API Developers on the web. Mike’s publishes a weekly newsletter for product builders called Tiny Improvements at Mike is on Mastodon at

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