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Hello friends, welcome to the Extended Edition! I am Ser Ezra the Watchful your friendly Hufflepuff Jedi Master from Middle Earth. Welcome to my Fortress of Solitude where I discuss my favorite books, TV shows, new movies, video games, & more! Some of my favorite fandoms include: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Wheel of Time, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and many more. If you have a book series, movie, or TV show that you’d like to recommend, send me an email at theflannelwizard@gmail.com Thanks for stopping by, May the Force be with you, may the Light shine on you, and don't let the muggles get you down!



Ahsoka Finale Episode 8 - Reaction, Discussion, Breakdown, & Abeloth Theories

Yep it's GOOOD ... SUPER GOOD ...FULL SPOILERS! Major Theories and legends spoilers ahead ... Ez & Lottie breakdown all things Ahsoka Season 1 Episode 8 ~ We'll be back with more transmissions and some prediction .... For Ezra! Send us a transmission to StarWarsHangout77@gmail.com

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 October 5, 2023  46m