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The Ruby Freelancers Show 013 – DevOps

Panel Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Summer Camp) Eric Davis (twitter github blog) Evan Light (twitter github blog) Jeff Schoolcraft (twitter github blog) Discussion Developers playing Systems Administrators Automated scripting Chef Puppet Heroku Moonshine Phusion Passenger Apache HTTP server Nginx Server Setup Ongoing Maintenance Engine Yard Chef Recipes CouchDB PuppetLabs Ubuntu Debian apt apt-get CentOS LTS Releases Rails 3.x RailsMachine Rails 4.x is ditching plugins Why are you doing DevOps? Stores your Operational changes in git. Saves you time on more than one server. Copy up a script and then script the login and script run. Puppet in Solo mode Bootstrapping your server Vagrant Testing configuration Nagios Virtualbox Staging - should mirror production Chirk Slicehost Linode Rackspace Cloud Make the client pay for hosting and do the systems administration yourself Amazon EC2 & S3 Memcached Deploy with git Scaling Load Balancers Provisioning a VM PostgreSQL VPS - Virtual Private Server Redundancy Monitoring Sinatra Mail Gem Pingdom Twilio New Relic Airbrake Be Proactive screen Picks Deploying Rails (Eric) Zite (Eric) Prismatic (Evan) Wemux (Evan) Solar Clipper (Jeff) Chronomate (Jeff) Getting Things Done (Chuck) Last Pass (Chuck) Book Club We'll be reading Get Clients Now  and discussing it on the podcast sometime in June.


 2012-04-26  55m