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#11: Betting on Sarah Piampiano

There are 2,401 athletes hitting the course in Kona on Saturday, and one of the women vying for a top podium sport is Sarah Piampiano. It may be hard to believe that Sarah's first career was putting in 90-hour work weeks on Wall Street, smoking two packs of cigarettes a day and getting a few hours of sleep when she could at the office. Sarah got hooked on triathlons thanks to a bet she made in 2009, and since turning pro in 2012, she hasn't looked back. Sarah finished seventh at Kona last year and has been training hard to get that top spot. She's won two Ironman races in 2016: 70.3 New Orleans and Vineman. We had a chance to talk to her right after her Vineman win when she was in the thick of training for Kona, and she shared her thoughts on her early days training in New York City, her nutrition routine for races, and her goals for Ironman's capstone race.

Sarah Piampiano:

  • Website: http://sarahpiampiano.com/
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LittleRedRacing
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/SarahPiampiano
  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SarahPiampiano
  • The Habit Project: http://thehabitproject.net/who-we-are/ 

Sarah's Gear: 

  • Cervelo P5 (bike): https://www.cervelo.com/en/triathlon/p-series/p5
  • Saucony (running shoes): http://www.saucony.com/en/home
  • Roka (wetsuit): http://www.roka.co
  • Polar (watches): https://www.polar.com/us-en
  • Rudy Project (helmet and sunglasses): http://www.rudyproject.com
  • Clif Bar (nutrition): http://www.clifbar.com
  • Bear Mattress (mattress): https://www.bearmattress.com

About the Endurance Ladies podcast: 

Endurance Ladies Radio focuses 100% on women in endurance sports. If you have an idea for an upcoming show, email us at hello@enduranceladies.com. See more on our website EnduranceLadies.com. And follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @enduranceladies


 2016-10-06  1h0m