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episode 20: Podcast 95 - Switched On TG16

Après un long moment sans sortir de nouveau podcast, nous voici de retour. Grâce à la migration de serveur, nous avons retrouvé quelques mix préparés par Jeffrey.

Voici donc le 95 podcast spécial The Gathering 2016 Freestyle music.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous la tracklist :

  • Avibes jingle
  • Face it by Daffodils
  • Dawnlight dawn light by Asteconn
  • Hover by Redubb
  • Forever by Mariusnilsskog
  • You true by Miu
  • Zboard and back that thing up radio edit by Knutboy
  • Moccamaster by Kimmey
  • Dominate by Rennem
  • I'm bad at titles by Slize
  • Idtg2k16 by Nathaniel Icavas
  • Mr cybertoads freestyle by Yazzo Kastrert Kadaver
  • Ephemeral by Kris Winther
  • 9th tentacle by Philucifer
  • The beauty of noise by Joakim Skurk
  • Less is more by Aural Music

Durée 46'46

En espérant que ce New Oldstock podcast vous plaira. Enjoy Demoscene Music !!!

Jeffrey & Jegougou

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 October 13, 2023  46m