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RSA 07/18/2016

Well, this is it. The last show you'll be getting out of me for a couple of weeks as I take my summer holidays and hop on the bike for 2 weeks straight. But we've got an extra special great show for everyone to listen to as you all pine away for more RSA. Not to fear though, next year I'll be getting an extra week of vacation, so we'll set something up to keep you in guest shows while I'm away.

Stars Crusaders - Under Attack (Frozen Plasma)
Empusa - War
System Noire - On The Other Side (Electronic Frequency)
Diffuzion - City Of Dust
Radiomun - Here We Are (Ruined Conflict)
Studio-X vs. Simon Carter - Lonely
Aesthetische - Byprodukt
Mesh - Paper Thin


 2016-07-18  43m