You are a hands-on parent. Your child has some challenges. You are looking for creative ideas to help you help your child reach for all they were meant to be. Tom and Julie Meekins, who have over 21 years of experience raising children with challenges and mentoring and coaching other parents all along the way, will encourage and empower you with tips and strategies regarding child development, heart-based parenting, and nutrition that are practical, doable, and life-changing.


C4P 18: Team Player

Bible Passage: Matthew 10:13-16


Advocating for our child who has challenges as they struggle to fit in children’s ministry can sometimes be agonizing. There are many things to consider and today we want to help you develop some strategies.

Remember that you are part of the TEAM

The child is the priority

Think ahead

What is helpful for this setting?

Remember that your child is emerging and expect progress

Share good character traits as well as trigger/struggle points

Give ideas of what has helped in the past but be open to new strategies

Have an attitude of gratitude

Pray for your child, the leaders, and the other children regularly

Consider a small thank you gift

Always give grace

Tip for the Week – Dominance – Child Development Strategy

Dominance is long term memory and all about how the brain stores information.

Does your child struggle with:


Having roller coaster emotions?

Getting frustrated easily?




It is possible that your child is mixed-dominant.

Join us to find out how you can tell and why it matters.

Resources to help with organization of the brain’s storage system - Dominance:

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2)A helpful article regarding Dominance:,_Mixed_Dominance_and_the_Brain.html


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