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How Can Men Love Well In A Pornography Saturated World? How Can Churches Better Minister to Men? -Sam Black

Sam Black's motivating factor for writing and speaking on this topic was the need to provide an empathetic primer to ministry leaders and pastors who want to serve those in the church better. Many of those pastors were saying, "I know that two-thirds of the men in my church and one-third of the women say they have an ongoing struggle with pornography. Based on the statistics, I look out at my congregation and know there must be people struggling with this, but who are not talking to me about it. How can I help them? Where do I begin?"
Sam has heard lots of statements like this over his 16 years at Covenant Eyes. Covenant Eyes is a ministry that provides accountabiity software and lots of education to help people stop using pornography for good, or never to start. Sam has lead conferences in ballrooms filled with parents who were willing to discuss this topic, and who were ready to learn how pornography makes such a terribly destructive impact on their kids lives, and on their own as well. Yet some say this topic is too taboo to talk about in their church, and that the church didn't help them very much. Many people who have been through recovery and life change process say the same thing, the church did not help them very much. That's not the way it should be. The use of pornography, and sexual addiction are such besetting sins in a person's life, and are an enormous struggle even for Christians within the church. We as Christians are the church, and we need to be able to lean into that truth with authority, grace, and love, with a safe place and a safe process to really bring true lasting freedom.
You don't have to be a pastor to learn how to help adults, teens or children in your life that are struggling with pornography. You too can learn how to protect people from ever getting trapped into pornography, and how pornography hijacks the brain.

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Don't forget to check out Dr. Jim Slaughter's Book - MASTER THE ANGER WITHIN:!/Jim-Slaughter/c/128630254

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 October 15, 2023  32m